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Be ready and choose a right major

According to Sabay News, a minister of Ministry of Education of Cambodia said this coming academic (2012-2013), number of students attending university could increase by 195,617 students from previous academic of 2008-2009. Female students is expected to have about 40%. So that this year, we should have at least 58,617 students will attend university.

Recently, high school exam that we called baccalaureate diploma just finished and the result would be announced around end of August. Students would have one month of selecting the major or university to attend.

The problem after passed the high school diploma, the students would concern on which major or university they are going to attend since most of them never though or having a clear decision on one of them.

What are the factors or criterias that we would think to choose a major? Do we better choosing it according to our parents’ or relatives’ decision or our own? What is the most concerning factors between job/economics requirement and our interest or popular majors in Cambodia?

Here, I would bring you all to listen to an interview from RFA talked show between RFA, Dr. Sat Dara & Mr. Nov Sieha which is on 13rd of August about “The opportunity of high school students to study in higher education” directly here:

MP3 in Khmer, Source: RFA