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Two Useful Blogs Published

Seuksa created in purpose to bring all kinds of education materials for Cambodian students, I would like to announce two new blogs with Seuksa, they are on the way of constructing but you found them with some resources available now:

Quotes @ Seuksa:

Quote (សម្រង់ពាក្យមានប្រយោជន៍) is one of a central quote around the Cambodia. I love reading all those wisdom words that really make me happy and feel encouragement in daily life and I do think it’s the same to you.

Khmer Stories @ Seuksa:

Khmer Stories (ប្រជុំរឿងខ្មែរ) is a central site for all kinds of Khmer legend, poem, novel etc. Here you will find most categorize stories written in Khmer.

These sites are published in BETA. Please kindly patient and give us some feedback to improve the service.