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Will Cambodia be able to smile for New Year?

I released my own quote on the definition of smile for new year in my Quote blog but I keep asking myself if my Cambodia be able to smile for next coming new year, 2014?

Meanwhile since the elections, we don’t really be able to smile, there are many things happening in the country, the current political situation has led people standing for demonstrations in various places in Cambodia.

CNRP’s demonstration for re-election and calling for Prime Minister Hun Sen to step down

Workers ask for 160USD based salary

And other protests…

I have asked myself, is it because of the demonstration that makes us unable to smile? My answer is NO!

Of course, the road might be blocked, crowded or somehow with nonviolent; It’s a voices of people.
I believe that these conflicts will be soon resolve and people be able to start smiling again.

My “Smiling” definition of my country is about many things we need to be done together in every part of the country.

I do hope, we could see a smiling face from the bottom up people, from a children to adult which is a very hard mission of everyone of us from this new year.

We call for both parties to solve the issues together for our Cambodia.

Please make a beautiful “Happy New Year” together!!!