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Khmer Library Mobile App បណ្ណាល័យ​ខ្មែរ

ស្វាគមន៍ កម្មវិធី​ទើប​តែបញ្ចេញដោយ បណ្ណាល័យខ្មែរ ជាកម្មវិធីអាន​សៀវភៅជាភាសាខ្មែរ​ដ៏​ល្អ​មួយ មាន​គ្រប់ប្រភេទសៀវភៅ ទាំង​សម្រាប់​កុមារ ដល់​មនុស្សពេញវ័យ។

There is a new Android app called “Khmer Library”, a place where you can find most of Khmer books for children to adult to read including Khmer literature reading, color book, e-books, management books etc.

The App has organized the books in different category that you can enjoy ready accordingly.

Very good app for Khmer reader!

Download the app from here.

Khmer library:

Will Cambodia be able to smile for New Year?

I released my own quote on the definition of smile for new year in my Quote blog but I keep asking myself if my Cambodia be able to smile for next coming new year, 2014?

Meanwhile since the elections, we don’t really be able to smile, there are many things happening in the country, the current political situation has led people standing for demonstrations in various places in Cambodia.

CNRP’s demonstration for re-election and calling for Prime Minister Hun Sen to step down

Workers ask for 160USD based salary

And other protests…

I have asked myself, is it because of the demonstration that makes us unable to smile? My answer is NO!

Of course, the road might be blocked, crowded or somehow with nonviolent; It’s a voices of people.
I believe that these conflicts will be soon resolve and people be able to start smiling again.

My “Smiling” definition of my country is about many things we need to be done together in every part of the country.

I do hope, we could see a smiling face from the bottom up people, from a children to adult which is a very hard mission of everyone of us from this new year.

We call for both parties to solve the issues together for our Cambodia.

Please make a beautiful “Happy New Year” together!!!




Public Universities in Cambodia

Phnom Penh
Institut de Technologie du Cambodge (ITC)

National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC)
Institut National Polytechnique du Cambodge

National Technical Training Institute (NTTI)
Institut National de Formation Technique

National University of Management (NUM)
Université Nationale de Management

Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PNCA)
Preak Leap École Nationale d’Agriculture

Royal University of Agriculture (RUA)
Université Royale d’Agriculture

Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA)
Université Royale des Beaux-Arts

Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE)
Université Royale de Droit et d’Économie
សាកលវិទ្យាល័យភូមិន្ទនីតិសាស្រ្ត និង វិទ្យាសាស្រ្តសេដ្ឋកិច្ច

Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)
Université Royale de Phnom Penh

University of Health Sciences – Cambodia (UHS)
Université des Sciences de la Santé du cambodge

National Institute of Business
Institut National d’Affaires

PreahKossomak Polytechnic Institute
PreahKossomak Polytechnic Institute

Industrial Technical Institute (ITI)
Industrial Technique Institut

Kampong Cham
Chea Sim University of Kamchay Mear (formerly Maharishi Vedic University) (CSUK)

Svay Reang
Svay Rieng University
Université de Svay Rieng

Banteay Meanchey
Meanchey University
Université de Mean Chey

University of Battambang
Université de Battambang

High School Exam 2013, 86.77 Percentages Passed

ឆ្នាំនេះ 91370​នាក់ជាប់បាក់ឌុប ក្នុង​ចំណោម​បេក្ខជនសរុប 105297 ដែល​ត្រូវនឹង 86,77% ច្រើនជាងឆ្នាំមុន 0,29% បើតាម​ប្រកាស​របស់ក្រសួង​អប់រំ។

តើនិទ្ទេសនិមួយៗមានសិស្សប៉ុន្មាននាក់? ចាំមើលទាំងអស់គ្នា!

This year, there are 91370 students passed national high school exam among the candidates of 105297 which is 86.77% so more than last year for 0.29% according to the announcement of ministry of education of Cambodia.

How many students per each grade? Wait and see together.


High School Exam 2013 Result Announces Tomorrow

លទ្ធផលបាក់ឌុប ប្រកាស នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ស្អែក​​ (30 សីហា) សម្រាប់​រាជ​ធានី​ភ្នំពេញ​ និង​ខេត្ត​កណ្ដាល​​​​។​ដោយ​ឡែក​​នៅ​​ខេត្ត​ផ្សេង​​ទៀត​ នឹង​ត្រូវ​ប្រកាស​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​ ៣១ ខែ​សីហា

តើប៉ុន្មាន​នាក់​នឹងជាប់? ប៉ុន្មានភាគរយ។ ហើយ​និទេ្ទស A, B, C ហ្នឹងបាន​ប៉ុន្មាននាក់?
គួររម្លឹក​ផងដែរថា កាលពីឆ្នាំ២០១២​ សិស្សជាប់ចំនួន ៨៦,៤០% និងមាន​និទ្ទេស A ចំនួន ១០៥នាក់ ដែល​មិនធ្លាប់មានទាល់តែសោះនូវចំនួននេះ ដែល​កាលពីឆ្នាំ ២០១១​មានតែ ៥៣នាក់ ហើយឆ្នាំមុនៗទៀតមានតិចជាង ១០នាក់ប៉ុណ្ណោះ។

National high school exam result will be announced tomorrow (30 Aug.) for Phnom Penh city and Kandal provinace; and at other provinces by 31st of August.

How many percentage would pass this year? How many students for each grade A, B, C?

Last year, 2012, there were 86.40% percentage passed the high school with 105 students got grade A that never happened in the history and if comparing to 2011 is only 53 students and other previous years less than 10 students got this grade.

Updated 30/08

I put remark on the last year percentage wrong (in English), the right is: 86.40% from previous post.

Bac II – High School Exam 2013

ប្រឡង​​សញ្ញាបត្រ​ធម្យម​សិក្សា​ទុតិយភូមិ​ឆ្នាំនេះ​​ នឹង​ប្រព្រឹត្តិទៅ​នៅថ្ងៃទី ៥ ខែសីហា ឆ្នាំ២០១៣ នៅទូទាំង​ប្រទេស។

តាម​មន្រ្តី​អប់រំ​ យុវជន​ និង​កីឡា​ បាន​ឲ្យ​ដឹង​ថា​ បេក្ខ​ជន​ប្រឡង​នៅ​ទូទាំង​ប្រទេស​ឆ្នាំ​នេះ​មាន​​ចំនួន​មាន​ចំនួន ១០៧,៨៣៥​ នាក់​ បែង​ចែក​ជា​មណ្ឌល​ប្រឡង​ចំនួន​២៣៤​មណ្ឌល​ ក្នុង​នោះ​មាន​បន្ទប់​ប្រឡង​​ចំនួន​៤៣៩០​​បន្ទប់ នៅ​ទូទាំង​ប្រទេស។

កាល​បរិច្ឆេទ​​​នៃ​ការ​ប្រកាស​លទ្ធផល​​ប្រឡង​​សញ្ញាបត្រ​ធម្យម​សិក្សា​ទុតិយភូមិ​​នៅ​រសៀល​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​៣០​ ខែ​សីហា​ ឆ្នាំ​២០១៣​ ​សម្រាប់​មណ្ឌល​ប្រឡង​នៅ​រាជ​ធានីភ្នំពេញ​​ និង​ខេត្ត​កណ្តាល​ នឹង​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​៣១​ ខែ​សីហា​ ឆ្នាំ​២០១៣​ សម្រាប់​មណ្ឌល​ប្រឡង​នៅ​ខេត្ត​ផេ្សង​ៗ​ទៀត​។

High school national exam (Bac II) this year will be happened on 5th of Auguest.
According to ministry of education, there are 107 835 students will join the exam in 234 exam center with 4390 rooms.

The result will announce in the afternoon of 30th of August in Phnom Penh and Kandal province, 31st of August in other provinces.


ហេតុអ្វីបានជា សិក្សា / Seuksa សំខាន់សំរាប់ខ្ញុំ?

ខ្ញុំចង់ឃើញមនុស្សស្រឡាញ់ការសិក្សា ចេះជួយគ្នា យកចិត្តទុកដាក់ចំពោះគ្នា។
ខ្ញុំចង់ឃើញស្នាមញញឹមរបស់កុមារាកុមារី ដែលប្រកបដោយមោទនភាព។
ខ្ញុំចង់ឃើញសង្គមមានការផ្លាស់ប្តូរទៅមុខ ដោយត្រឹមត្រូវ។
ខ្ញុំចង់ឃើញមនុស្សក្នុងសង្គមខ្ញុំ ហ៊ានយកចំណេះដឹងខ្លួនប្រើក្នុងផ្លូវល្អ។
ខ្ញុំចង់ឃើញការរីកចម្រើនពិតប្រាកដ ដែលអោយតម្លៃ លើពលកម្មទាំងកាយទាំងដោយចំណេះ។
ខ្ញុំចង់ឃើញប្រទេសខ្ញុំ ជាប្រទេសមួយ សំបូរដោយបញ្ញវន្ត ដែលចេះដឹងខុស និងត្រូវ។

បើសង្គមមួយ ដែលអ្នករៀនសូត្រចេះដឹងម្នាក់ ប្រើចំណេះខ្លួន ដើម្បីតែប្រយោជន៍ខ្លួន និងបក្សពួកនោះ សង្គម ឬប្រទេសនោះ នឹងត្រូវវិនាសមិនខាន ព្រោះម្នាក់ៗគ្មានចិត្តអាណិត មិនស្លូតត្រង់ មិនចេះស្រឡាញ់អ្នកដទៃ ជាងស្រឡាញ់ខ្លួនឯង ក្រុមខ្លួននោះឡើយ។

សូមប្រើចំណេះដឹងបន្តិចបន្តួចរបស់យើង សម្រាប់អ្នកដែលទន់ទាបជាងផង។


What exactly makes the country change?

I take this occasion during the time that we, all wait for national election next week, 28th of July, to discuss “What exactly makes the country change” from my point of view.

We all know that we need to burst economics of our country to become one of the top in ASEAN and take ourselves out of developing country to a developed country.

How does developed country mean in my eyes and yours? It is a fair and balance development for both rich and poor.
How does the balance between rich and poor mean? Make every part of each development in concerning to the poor in the first priority, the rich must wait for their benefit in balance.

Those are what I feel and want to see my country in this way.

Does leader of the country is important to lead the country? Yes, of course, the leader is very important but the most important than an individual leader is systematic leadership of the country. In this age, every where we need one leadership that could lead the country to burst economics, culture in a better way.

So that I urge you all choose your leader, a leadership style for next national election that you believe that s/he can give a good system.

But what exactly we need for the country change? I believe that Education system is very important one to bring more builders in the country.

Education system is the way to give all young people, a better critical thinking, to give our children to become a real leader in the future.

Education must focus from the kindergarten to primary school, from primary to secondary school, high school and higher education. In education system, we need to give a better life for teachers. In education never teach or show students to do any corruption, we need to straight their mindset to the right point of view. Even these small parts, we need to make it from the beginning of their lives.

Of course, these are very little though and opinion but that must be linked between economics and education.

Let’s help to make the country exactly change to the right way together through you and me!

By Pongsametrey,