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Majors in Needs in the Kingdom

I read some articles and would like to share my though on current majors in needs now in Cambodia.

3 chosen articles from RFI and Sabay, I would ask all students to have a look since they comes with a very useful meaning for your decision to choose a major.

Of course, before any decision to a major, you need to be yourself on the decision you are making. You need to be a person who can make yourself advance on the major you chose and another point, be confident enough that you can do it.

Higher education is required in the kingdom, everyone always has a place to study or mean, each one has one major fit to but we have to choose it according to the right need to current and future situation of the kingdom as well.

Commonly, high school students I had interviewed about various issue related to their study habit and the way they would choose their major in University, I found out that there are mostly choosing some similar majors as: Accounting (mostly for girls), IT (mostly for boys), Engineering (mostly for boys), Teachers (mostly for girls), Economics/Business (both of them), English (Mostly for girls) etc.

Every majors in higher education is required in Cambodia but the issue is with the person who will study it to make it advance enough. The right choice is only you, yourself to choose.

Here, I pick the articles which are concerning on technical majors and skills. In development country, those majors are very important and a unique skill since it plays a very unique requirement for all kinds of development factors. Of course, we do not ignore others but please take a look on these technical point of view through 3 articles below:

  • RFI: Sharing Experience from PSE, vocational training on technical skill

MP3 Source: RFI in Khmer

At high school, following subjects are required to study technical majors:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

You need to be ready from high school and take full potential during your study in higher education.


Wow, 105 Students in Grade A in Final Exam of High School, Cambodia

This year, Bac II exam result announced yesterday and today in the province, there are 86.40% passed and there are 105 students won grade A in 2012 exam.

This year, there are 114,414 grade 12 students joint Bac II exam in 254 exam centers with 4,662 exam rooms.

Last year, 2011, high school exam found grade A had 53 students (all scientist students); grade B had 2,024; grade C had 12,453; grade D had 24,641 and the rest are grade E among all passed students of 82.88% which was 92,232 passed.

This number is never existed during last decade of high school exam which was mostly less than 10 students.

Updated 04/09

  • Grade B had 3,505 students


How do you think about the result this year? Does it a good sign of education quality in Cambodia?

CAMBODIA: High school exam’s result announces today

At the same time of high school final exam announcing the result, I would like to express my warm regard to all high school students. I do wish everyone pass and get a very good grade.

Today in Phnom Penh, every school is crowded because of students are waiting or listening for their result. Tomorrow, other provinces will be announced.

After high school result announced, please be rushed to look for a major to continue your study or to start your own business.

All the best,


CAMBODIA: 2012 BacII Exam Survey

Interesting survey which titled as “Turning a Blind Eye” with topic of 2012 national high school exam situation survey Phnom Penh, Cambodia; made recently and conducted by ART and YES team in close collaboration with CCIM in August 2012.


General information 2012, EMIS – MoEYS:

  • Total schools:  11,046
  • Total classrooms: 81,601
  • Total students: 3,123,082 (1,491,344 females)
  • Total staffs: 103,780 (43,624 females) / Teachers = 86,404 (39,299 females)


Main aim of this survey is to explore the perception of 12 grade students on the pre, during and post 2012 Bac-II exam in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The specific objectives of the survey are to:

  • Understand the level of student’s confidence on their capacity before the exam and their preparation
  • Understanding the real situation during the two and a half days exam especially the level of cheating and bribery
  • Explore the perception of students of what they will do after the exam


  • 10 randomly selected Centers of 254 centers and all of 10 are in Phnom Penh. 114,414 candidates in 4,662 rooms.
  • A total of 157 candidates include 71 females from 10 exam centers were participated in the survey (individual interview).
  • Over 50 stakeholders including proctor, monks, students and student’s relative in Phnom Penh were participated as key informants.

Some Extracted Result

During Exam:

  • 65.8% of candidates reported they can take cheat note into exam rooms
  • 76.4% of candidates reported the other candidate can take cheat note into exam rooms
  • 77.7% of candidates (76.7% male and 78.9% females) reported they can record the answer from each others
  • 16.3% of candidates reported that exam answers can be channeled in and out the exam rooms

Average of 120,000 Riel per candidates were spend to proctors during the two-an-a-half day exam

Please find out about the survey with following:

You can also View Survey in PDF


Be ready and choose a right major

According to Sabay News, a minister of Ministry of Education of Cambodia said this coming academic (2012-2013), number of students attending university could increase by 195,617 students from previous academic of 2008-2009. Female students is expected to have about 40%. So that this year, we should have at least 58,617 students will attend university.

Recently, high school exam that we called baccalaureate diploma just finished and the result would be announced around end of August. Students would have one month of selecting the major or university to attend.

The problem after passed the high school diploma, the students would concern on which major or university they are going to attend since most of them never though or having a clear decision on one of them.

What are the factors or criterias that we would think to choose a major? Do we better choosing it according to our parents’ or relatives’ decision or our own? What is the most concerning factors between job/economics requirement and our interest or popular majors in Cambodia?

Here, I would bring you all to listen to an interview from RFA talked show between RFA, Dr. Sat Dara & Mr. Nov Sieha which is on 13rd of August about “The opportunity of high school students to study in higher education” directly here:

MP3 in Khmer, Source: RFA

Seuksa Web with Khmer Font Not Working

All our published sites with Khmer font are not working, example: Quote, Story site.

Quote @ Seuksa Site is error

We are using Nokora Google Webfont and it is just now error, I think it would happen recently last week, something might be changed over there.

You still can visit the website via your phone but not via Windows, I will check detail about this issue or we might change to another font face.

The problem was featured in Osify News: Khmer Unicode Webfont Nokora not work on windows but phone

Be Strong, Do Not Afraid

Dear all beloved high school students for the exam in Cambodia 2012,

I know, it’s not time to say anything since it’s the exam days, just one wish from the second day of exam and remember be strong and try to be honest as much as you can. Just believe that you can do it even it’s time now and do not afraid because fear will make you fall into mistake. Do believe yourself the most.

Wish you got a successful time for next days of exam.

Best wishes,