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5 cool tips: Be an outstanding, read, write with self-confidence

I have read an article at Phnom Penh Post about some experiences of an outstanding student, Ms. SOK Kheng, recipient of the National Outstanding Student of Literature in 2007, with five cool tips to get you to the top. Let’s share here:

How to become an outstanding student in Khmer literature

Literature is not like mathematics. If you want to be an outstanding student in this subject, start reading. Start with academic reading and read some foreign novels. Read grammar books as well. Practice writing as many essays as possible because it helps your brain to be flexible and creative. Your Khmer literature teachers’ explanations are especially essential, so pay full attention and take notes carefully. Make sure to think positively about yourself and never give up your dream, even when you face difficulties.

How to read effectively

Reading will broaden your knowledge and ideas. However, knowing how to read and becoming an active reader is very important. First of all, feel right about reading by not forcing yourself to read when you don’t want to. Second, choose books carefully and read what you like. Third, know clearly what you are going to read. Make your reading practical and applicable by picking up the problems in the books, comparing them to real life and trying to think of as many solutions as you can.

How to write a good essay during exams

The literature exam needs careful and effective time management, as essay writing is a very time-consuming part of the test. Most students have problems with writing the essay because they do not know what to write. From my experience, writing the Khmer-language essay is not really a strenuous task if you read the topic carefully; know what type of essay it is and the organisation of the essay; find out the main problem of the topic; brainstorm the ideas and group themes into different main parts with concrete examples; and start writing the essay keeping your limited time in mind.

How to build up self-confidence

Self-confidence means that people believe in their own ability; this belief, however, needs to be realistic and should not be too ambitious. In order to build up your self-confidence, first, identify and think positively about your weaknesses. Second, try to talk out your problems with your close friends. Next, remember that no one is perfect – so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Last but not least, avoid being a perfectionist and be satisfied with what you have.

How to learn successfully in Khmer literature class

Literature class can be boring and most students fall asleep during lessons. Nevertheless, you need to learn with the guidance of a teacher. In order overcome the boredom, be an active student and get involved in the lessons. Maintain eye contact with the teacher; use your ears to listen to the teacher carefully. Keep your hands busy by noting down the main points. Then, while listening, you need to think critically of what the teacher says, so that you can develop your ideas and keep your brain alert. Ask questions when in doubt.

Interesting, right? How do you think?

Check the original post here

Two Useful Blogs Published

Seuksa created in purpose to bring all kinds of education materials for Cambodian students, I would like to announce two new blogs with Seuksa, they are on the way of constructing but you found them with some resources available now:

Quotes @ Seuksa:

Quote (សម្រង់ពាក្យមានប្រយោជន៍) is one of a central quote around the Cambodia. I love reading all those wisdom words that really make me happy and feel encouragement in daily life and I do think it’s the same to you.

Khmer Stories @ Seuksa:

Khmer Stories (ប្រជុំរឿងខ្មែរ) is a central site for all kinds of Khmer legend, poem, novel etc. Here you will find most categorize stories written in Khmer.

These sites are published in BETA. Please kindly patient and give us some feedback to improve the service.

CAMBODIA: Top Highest Qualification Public Universities Staff Statistic

Let’s have a look to 10 ten of highest qualification public universities in Cambodia, the staff statistic extracted from our friend’s blog:
Staff statistics by highest qualification in top public universities
Name of Universities
Total Fulltime staff
Master Holder
Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)
National University of Management (NUM)
Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE)
Chea Sim University of Komchaymea (CSUK)
University of Svay Rieng (USV)
University of Battambong (UBB)
Mean Chey University (MCU)
National Institute of Education (NIE)
Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)
Source: Education Staff Statistics by Current Status, Cadre, Qualification and Age Group National 2010-2011, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. [via Samrany’s Blog]

Letter to Lift: Education & Love among Young People, Cambodia

Dear LIFT,

Having read your article about “High school sweet hearts: Will it last until marriage?” published June 13, I would like contribute my personal comments in response.

Education and love is a contentious topic in every country. Most high school students tend to have boyfriends or girlfriends these days, regardless of cultural restrictions.

But where is this trend coming from? Is it coming from external pressures in the media, like movies and karaoke, or is it internal?

I agree with Professor Samchan Sovandara, the quoted psychology lecturer, when he says: “Don’t have a relationship while studying, because it’s too hard facing all the problems coming from school, families, and the relationship itself.”

At the same time, I want to see how we can encourage youth to have an understanding of the issues that come with relationships.

Education can come from parents, the media and school.

Parents often neglect what’s going on their children’s lives with their busy work schedules. However, parents should seek to spend more quality time with their kids so that they can educate them on matters of the heart.

Regarding the media, I think there should be more programming that focuses on youth matters exclusive of love and relationships.

With school, I think that there should be education regarding the matter.

Kind Regards,
Sok Pongsametrey

Phnom Penh Post: Letter to the Editor

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